My Journey into Counselling

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Early memories

I've always been interested in the mind. From a young age people would come to me and talk about their issues. Sometimes I’d just listen, sometimes I'd have a perspective and share it with them. I'm intrigued by human behaviour and why people do certain things. This includes the hidden (or shadow) side of people too. Looking back on these early memories, it’s not surprising I’ve chosen to help people as a counsellor.

A talent for sport

I was asthmatic as a child and became interested in breathing techniques and physiology early on. I explored martial arts, Yoga and athletics and discovered hurdles at the age of 13. I enjoyed the technical aspects of it and the feeling of control, freedom and flight.

Athletics is a humbling sport, from the novice to high performance athletes, all are motivated but not everyone can win. It’s interesting to understand how athletes handle their ‘perceived’ failure and how that affects their behaviour away from the track. Personally, I enjoyed the competitiveness of my sport.  I reached international level and was European Masters champion at 100 metre hurdles in 2014.

Entering the world of work

I didn’t begin counselling straight away. I am also interested in creative arts, particularly acting, music and creative writing. I performed in plays, wrote and performed my own vocal pieces in my own band and even wrote a couple of screenplays. But I always returned to athletics and became a coach and personal trainer in 2004.

Aiding people with their fitness programme, on a 1-2-1 basis was a great way to apply science and creativity. I enjoyed the work and clients often felt they could talk to me, and did so. They would confide in me. They would discuss relationships, loneliness, body shape, eating disorders and, sometimes, abuse. I wanted to be better able to work with these vulnerabilities that were being shared with me – and this was my entry into professional counselling.

Clarence Firstborn – Counsellor and Therapist

I did my first Introduction into Counselling course in 2010. I continued with my training with level 2, 3 and 4 qualifications. I am now working towards level 5 as part of my Foundation degree.

I am an integrative counsellor. This means that I draw on techniques from different fields of therapy and tailor my approach to suits the needs of each client. I work equally well with men and women and the issues I help with include:

·       Relationship conflict

·       Anger management

·       Domestic violence

·       Trauma

Firstborn Counselling was born in 2020 and my counselling sessions take place either in-person (area around Solihull) or online. For a complimentary consultation, please complete the online form on the contact page.