Firstborn Counselling


I am an integrative therapist, this means I am able to work in an adaptive way so that I am better able to meet your needs. 

My aim is to provide a safe and protective environment within which you feel safe enough to share what is troubling you.

A large part of the way I work is to help you to improve your relationship with yourself. This might mean visiting areas from your past which you have closed yourself off from. My hope is to help you to be able to give those younger parts of yourself what it is that they need. 

Sometimes restoration of the self can mean dealing with the physical effects of neglect and (self) abuse, to this end I am able to offer restorative physical exercise utilising my health and fitness qualifications and experience. 

I am able to incorporate physical activity remotely, so if exercising in public is out of the question, we could work together via zoom.

I am Polyvagal theory and Internal Family Systems informed. I am also informed by the Gestalt approach which helps me to work in a more holistic way.

Creative approaches I use are drama, writing, and visualisation.

I hold a CPCAB level 4 diploma in Therapeutic counselling. I am insured by Towergate insurance, enhanced DBS cleared and adhere to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy's ethical framework:


You've always wanted someone to talk to, in a relationship where you heal your wounds and begin to live your life your way. 

I believe in your ability to grow from all your have suffered. 

You've come a long way on your own, I can go the next part of the way with you-if you want.


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If what you've read so far gives you the right vibes about me, you can get in touch and arrange your free, 30-minute consultation (it can be via zoom or phone).  I will email you back to set up a time and a date and we will take it from there.


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